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Urvasshhi Kapoor Verma

My journey into the realm of astrology was spurred by curiosity. Being a successful landscape designer then, everything in my professional life seemed copacetic. However, in reality, I felt unhappy in my private life. Looking for answers, I consulted many astrologers and spiritual healers across the world.

Through my experiences, I found a lack of genuine astrologers who would keep my interests at heart. Subsequently, I devoted myself to helping people in the absence of fraud and a self-serving agenda. I internalized these experiences and reflected on the practice as a whole. During this process, I discovered the power and energy of ‘Lal Kitaab’. For over 17 years, I have utilized its practices to induce happier outcomes for my clients. It has led to a pivotal shift in my life and the lives of my clients.
‘Lal Kitaab’ is understood as a form of remedial astrology that offers ‘upayas’ (remedies), determined by individual horoscopes, to influence afflictions caused by planetary movements. It evokes and appeases planets that impact our lives to work in our favour. Lal Kitaab never claims to change your destiny but offers insights beneficial in navigating life effectively. It can decrease the severity of mishaps and ease the path to the attainment of your desires.
My approach combines various aspects of astrology to remove obstacles in your path. The two central concepts of ‘Karma’ and ‘Pitra Dosh’ dictates our living experience. With the correct guidance, we can effectively address the consequences stemming from them.