Lal Kitaab Remedies

Discover effective remedies based on the planetary positions in your horoscope.
In the realm of Vedic Astrology, ‘Lal Kitaab’ was the first book to describe how certain planetary positions in one’s horoscope should also reflect in the lines of one’s palm.
Lal Kitaab is a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies, which are devoid of measures that involve wearing gemstones and performing religious rituals.

Popular remedies:

  • Business growth remedies
  • Career growth remedies
  • Wealth remedies
  • Marital issues
  • Family disputes
  • Relationship problems
‘Totkas’ for daily-life problems:
  • Get Rid of Shani Dosh
  • Reject bad energies
  • Deal with toxic people
  • Cleanse negativity from self
We also advise on Vastu tips and solutions for purity and positivity in the home and workplace.