Powerful Mantras

Increase your self-awareness and level of consciousness through powerful mantras.
The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words- ‘Man’ which means Mind and ‘Tra’ which means Tool – ‘A tool for the mind’. Mantras are designed to help one access higher power and their true natures.
The sound or vibration of a mantra, allows us to mindfully concentrate on our thoughts, feelings and highest intention. As they are repeated over and over again, the vibration sinks deeper and deeper into our consciousness and leads to us eventually feeling a presence or a ‘Shakti’- a powerful force that resides in each of us and carries us into deeper state of self-awareness. By manifesting this powerful force to real life, we are equipped to tackle any life challenges and obstacles thrown at us. Mantras can arm you with strength, reaffirm your capabilities and guide you in the right direction.
We offer powerful mantras that will help you reconnect with the present moment. We also offer a 5-day course on mantras that come with an audio file and a PDF.